Your Dream Wedding Destination — Kangaroo Island

Photo courtesy Hannah Walker Photography

It’s almost impossible to choose just one wedding destination and style. The mere thought of deciding what’s best for your special day is an overwhelming notion for most of us. If you have to choose one, it must be without long flights, tourists, and other potential stressors. Most importantly, it must have all the ingredients to a romantic and charming dream wedding.

Kangaroo Island is one of the best wedding destinations because of its natural beauty and striking coastal view. On top of these, it’s a short car ride and an enjoyable ferry ride from Adelaide. 

Kangaroo Island Car Rental WeddingFor couples who are looking for a romantic spot without spending a fortune for tickets, accommodation, and other expenses, Kangaroo Island offers a spectacular view of the coast while featuring an unadulterated experience of nature. You can’t ask for a more romantic wedding destination than Kangaroo Island without going abroad. Described by many as one of the most beautiful places in the world, a Kangaroo Island wedding will exceed your expectations.

Kangaroo Island is a premier wedding destination for Australians and foreigners. It is the venue for hundreds of weddings all year round. From small weddings to the extravagant ones, the Island is no stranger to the love stories of many couples. 

If you’re planning on having a beach wedding, some of the white, sandy beaches to choose from are Emu Bay, Vivonne Bay, Stokes Bay, Western River Cove, Antechamber Bay, and Snellings Beach. Any of the best beaches on Kangaroo Island will give you a beautiful, romantic, and charming wedding that you’ve always dreamt of since your childhood. These amazing beaches will leave you spellbound. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out some of the best accommodation on Kangaroo Island. including the Cliff House Lifetime Private Retreats, One Kangaroo Island, Stowaway Kangaroo Island, Sheoaks, Kangaroo Island Seafront, and Aurora Ozone Hotel. Don’t forget to visit them personally to find out which is the perfect place for you and your partner during and after the wedding.

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You can even charter the Kangaroo Island Connect ferry to carry your wedding guests to Kangaroo Island privately! 

If you’re looking for the perfect marriage celebrant, Caty Morris of Hitched By Caty knows Kangaroo Island like the back of her hand. Caty specializes in providing the unique needs of every client. She is a professional celebrant who can help you create long-lasting and unforgettable memories. She is also well-versed in other life ceremonies such as name-giving and renewal of vows.

When you travel with Kangaroo Island Connect (kic), you’ll never worry about your transportation to or while on Kangaroo Island. With us, you’ll have a smooth, relaxed, and mesmerizing wedding event. Rest assured, your focus will only be about your special day. If you want these significant events in your life to be memorable, insist on the best ferry and car hire company and marriage celebrant with Kangaroo Island Connect and Hitched By Caty.