So, my best friend was getting married on Kangaroo Island. Not only was I in the Bridal Party, but it was miles away from home. Around 1550kms, more to the point. How was I going to do this? It seemed like a logistical nightmare. I had to find the cheapest and quickest route possible. After, what seemed like hours on the computer. I managed to get my itinerary sorted.

Once I landed in Adelaide Airport, I made my way to the share ride area. I had pre ordered an Ola car, I find them a bit cheaper than an Uber. The driver took my luggage and drove me to the car rental company, KIC, Kangaroo Island Connect about 10 mins from the airport. The reason why I chose Kangaroo Island Connect, was not only the affordability but they also run the cheapest, fastest passenger ferry to Kangaroo Island. Added to this, you can leave your hire car at Cape Jervis and not have to pay for it while you are on Kangaroo Island!

I drove from Adelaide to Cape Jervis, where I left the car and boarded the KIC, Kangaroo Island Connect Ferry. Great service, vehicle, staff and vessel.

The ferry was very fast and comfortable. We even passed the other, more expensive ferry. As we had a large wedding group, we were able to book our private ferry crossing with all the guests which was such a fun way to start our wedding holiday! The ferry has a liquor license so we wer able to start our celebrations with a delicious sparkling wine from the local Kangaroo Island winery, Islander Estate. What a fabulous start to the wedding!

On arrival, I hired another Kangaroo Island Connect vehicle.

Now to get this girl married and the party started!

The bride had arranged all of our accommodation, so I made my way to Ratcliff Cottage at Pelican Lagoon, where I met up with the rest of the bridal party.


kangaroo island


I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, as I drove down the driveway. The cottage was located right on the waterfront of Pelican Lagoon Conservation Park, on a 100acre property. Surrounded by three magnificent Morton Bay Fig Trees, which I later found out were over 110 years old. Before I had got out of the car, I had already seen three kangaroos and a pod of dolphins.


dolphines - kangaroo island


We started the wedding weekend with a breakfast in Kingscote at the Cactus Café.

Cactus Cafe - kangaroo Island

The Café was so charming, an old converted house, with seating under a lovely shady tree. All our meals were delicious, topped off with freshly made juice. The bride-to-be was so happy as they catered for gluten free. The staff were so friendly. I would love to come back for lunch, but the bride had other plans for us.

Our next stop was KIS, Kangaroo Island Spirits. The bride had arranged a gin tasting platter for us, which was set in a lovely garden setting. It was very interesting as none of us had ever tried gin before. We were lucky the bride was a teetotaler, so she was our designated driver. At the end of our KIS experience, the bride gave us all a bottle of our choice, as a gift. It was hard to decide as they were all so tasty. The Whisky Barrel Gin and the Mulberry Gin, were our favourites.

On our way back to our accommodation, we pulled into a place called Frogs and Roses. The aroma drew us in from the car park, the smell of their pizzas was mouth-watering. The building was rustic with lots of interesting memorabilia to look at and a native nursery to stroll through. The pizzas were as good as they smelt, if not better. They were so good that we got a couple more to take away.

Time to head back to our Pelican Lagoon accommodation, were we all collapsed on the deck chairs and watched the sunset over the lagoon, while the kangaroos fed. It was truly magical.

The wedding day had arrived. We were all discussing how well we slept, with the peace and quite and the waves lapping on the shoreline. Totally refreshed for the big day.

I didn’t think this weekend could get any better, until I saw the location of the wedding. As the groom was a surfer, he chose Pennington Bay, what an absolutely, stunning beach. Dolphins even made a guest appearance. After they tied the knot and a photo shoot, we all headed to Dudley Wines for the reception. The venue was perched on the top of the clifftop, with the most idyllic views imaginable. From, the rolling green hills down to Cuttlefish Bay, across the sparkling waters of Backstairs Passage, all the way to Australia (the mainland). Which made for another beautiful photo shoot. Accompanied by great food and local wines.

None of us wanted this adventure to end.

The next morning, I dropped the Kangaroo Island Connect car rental back, boarded the Kangaroo Island Connect ferry, and cruised back to the mainland, where my mainland Kangaroo Island Connect car rental was waiting for me.

I had such an amazing and unforgettable time. Everything ran so smoothly and was very affordable.

I have already booked my next visit.