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New Kangaroo Island Ferry

Kangaroo Island Connect (kic) operates a passenger ferry service to Kangaroo Island which is a cheaper, faster, premium service and more convenient than ever before. The high speed Kangaroo Island Connect ferry runs between Penneshaw and Cape Jervis in just 30 minutes. Passengers are seated in luxury touring coach type seating, as far aft (back of the ferry) as possible. This reduces the likelihood of seasickness.

Kangaroo Island Connect also offers car rental, mini bus rental and campervan rental services on Kangaroo Island. See our Kangaroo Island Ferry Prices and Kangaroo Island Ferry Times.

What’s Onboard

There are three cabins,

  • A kids play and fun area in the port hull
  • A snoozing zone or quiet area in the starboard hull
  • A main cabin for social chatterers and holiday makers wanting to get to and from the Island quickly

Passengers are seated in luxury touring coach type seating. The concept is to add some fun to the crossing in direct contrast to the way we squeeze ourselves into economy airline seats.

Ferry Main Cabin: Chatterers

Enjoy reclining, comfortable, luxurious seats in the main cabin with large front and side windows for great views. Seats are not allocated and infants (<3 years who are free) are required to sit on their guardian’s lap.

Travellers are free to move around the boat inside and outside although please be cautious of waves that may cross the bow of the boat. Cats and dogs are allowed to travel but must stay on a leash with the owners outside and not in the main cabin.



 Ferry Kids’ Cabin*

Keeping the little ones entertained can be a challenge and we’ve made it a lot easier with a dedicated soft play area that’s decorated for a fun kid’s environment. Located in the port cabin, kids can safely move around, burn some energy and enjoy the journey (children must be attended by an adult at all times). No food or drink permitted in the kids’ cabin.



Ferry Snoozers’ Cabin*

Located in the starboard cabin is a snoozers’ lounge for those who prefer to take a nap/rest while travelling.

Take the opportunity to settle back in one of the reclining floor sofas and sleep or read.

No food or drinks are allowed in this cabin. As a courtesy to other snoozers, no phone calls allowed in the snoozers’ cabin.

*Formal seating is not provided or bookable in the Snoozers’ or Kids’ cabins. All ferry tickets have access to these cabins.

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