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The new Kangaroo Island ferry runs daily with morning and evening sailings. The KI ferry runs from American River via Penneshaw to Cape Jervis then returns back to American River via Penneshaw in the evening. See the Kangaroo Island ferry timetable below.

Additional ferry times will run in peak months and ferry schedule may vary due to seasonal demand. Please use the ferry search tool to confirm the Kangaroo Island ferry times for your chosen dates of travel.

Trip duration is approximately 30 minutes between Penneshaw and Cape Jervis and 45 minutes between American River and Cape Jervis.

Please be ready to board 15 minutes before the departure time at the ferry pier or 30 minutes before the departure time at the kic Service Centres.


Kangaroo Island Ferry Timetable

Depart Cape Jervis Frequency Depart Penneshaw Frequency Depart American River Frequency
9:10 AM Daily 8:20 AM Daily 7:35 AM Daily
10:50 AM Seasonal 10:00 AM Seasonal  7:50 AM  Cruise ship day
12:35 PM Seasonal 11:45 AM Seasonal
3:50 PM Seasonal 3:00 PM Seasonal
7:25 PM Daily 6:35 PM Daily  6:05 PM  Cruise ship day

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See cruise ship days KI Cruise Schedule 2018-19.

Shuttle to Cape Jervis Ferry Terminal

A shuttle bus runs between the kic Cape Jervis Service Centre and the Cape Jervis ferry terminal before and after every ferry. Find out what’s available at the Cape Jervis Service Centre?

A shuttle bus will run between the Service Centre and the kic ferry terminal aligned with the Kangaroo Island ferry times if required. Call the kic Service Centre on 08 8598 0288 to organise the shuttle. Passengers must also notify the kic Service Centre when they require collection from the kic ferry pier back to the Service Centre. The bus takes 5 minutes between the two points.

Every day
Morning Evening
From ferry pier to Cape Jervis Service Centre 09:10 AM 07:15 PM
From kic Cape Jervis Service Centre to ferry pier 08:55 AM 07:10 PM

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To Kangaroo Island

Week days Weekend & Public Holidays
Morning Evening Morning Evening
Train departs Adelaide Railway Station 06:30 AM 04:41 PM 07:00 AM 04:30 PM
Train arrives at Seaford Railway Station 07:20 AM 05:27 PM 07:50 AM 05:20 PM
kic coach departs Seaford to Cape Jervis 07:25 AM 05:32 PM 07:55 AM 05:25 PM
kic coach arrives at kic Service Centre at Caper Jervis 08:35 AM 06:42 PM 06:35 PM
kic coach arrives at ferry pier 09:00 AM 07:10 PM 09:05 AM 07:15 PM

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