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Car Parking Cape Jervis

Short term car parking

If you’re staying on Kangaroo Island for less than 72 hours, parking is available at the short term car park above the ferry pier at Cape Jervis. This is often very busy and unsecured. We recommend the long term car park located at the Kangaroo Island Connect (kic) Car Hire Centre, 1 km north of the ferry pier. There is a kic shuttle service from the kic Car Parking to the pier.

Long Term car parking

Safe, secure, short and long-term parking is available at the Kangaroo Island Connect (kic) Car Hire Centre, located at the Cape Jervis Holiday Units. (1 km north of the ferry pier at 12 Flinders Drive, Cape Jervis SA 5204. ) Arrive here 30 minutes before your ferry departure time and catch the shuttle service to the ferry pier.

  • Parking at the kic Kangaroo Island Connect (kic) Car Hire Centre – $10 per day for first two days; $5 per day thereafter
  • Shuttle transfers booking required between the kic ferry and kic Car Hire Centre –
    included in first two days Car Parking.
  • Book shuttle transfer in advance at +61 8 8598 0229 or kic.hirecars@gmail.com
  • No booking is required for the car parking

Car Parking Penneshaw

There is 48 hour car parking by the ferry pier. Parking is very limited in Penneshaw and fines will be issued if you do not obey the parking signs. We are working to establish a long term car park.

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