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Kangaroo Island Connect (kic) operates the new Kangaroo Island ferry. We are not only the cheapest ferry to Kangaroo Island, but also the fastest and most luxurious. The Adelaide to Kangaroo Island ferry runs between Cape Jervis on the mainland and Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island. Book your KI ferry tickets with Kangaroo Island Connect online for the cheapest Kangaroo Island ferry fares.

We also offer car rental on Kangaroo Island, including car hire, ute hire, campervan hire and mini van hire for larger groups. Having a car on Kangaroo Island is important if you’re not joining a Kangaroo Island tour and self drive holidays are popular on Kangaroo Island. As with the KI ferry we are also the cheapest car rental on Kangaroo Island and our cars are all new. Book your Kangaroo Island car rental and ferry tickets with Kangaroo Island Connect from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island and visa versa for a seamless experience.

Book online at www.kic.com.au or call +61 419 100 100



Fastest Ferry

Why waste time on the ferry to Kangaroo Island when you’re excited to get your Kangaroo Island holiday started? With all year round low prices on the new KI Connect ferry Kangaroo Island has become way more accessible

Cheap Ferry & Car Rental

Kangaroo Island Connect is not only the cheapest ferry to Kangaroo Island, but also the fastest and most luxurious. It’s cheaper to rent a car on Kangaroo Island than to use the car ferry.

Luxury Ferry & New Vehicles

Our luxurious Kangaroo Island ferry and new Kangaroo Island car rental vehicles are the only way to travel to the Island. Rent a car or hire a campervan or mini bus on Kangaroo Island.




With your kic car hire Kangaroo Island becomes very accessible. See our suggested itineraries for Kangaroo Island and choose an itinerary for families, food and wine or nature experienced for an unbelievable self drive holiday on Kangaroo Island.


Top things to do in Kangaroo Island including walking among rare sea lions, feasting on exquisite produce, enjoying the incredible seafood, spotting wild koalas, kangaroos and more… Also, use our Kangaroo Island map when planning Kangaroo Island things to do for the best Kangaroo Island activities.


Use our Kangaroo Island map to plan your Kangaroo Island holiday. This Kangaroo Island map of attractions is not only a Kangaroo Island tourist map but it shows hot spots the locals love and facilities, food & drinks recommendation and Kangaroo Island points of interest.

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